Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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Apurva Chiranewala
SPJCM - ITM (2008-09)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some great initiatives @ Leadership Club

Breaking News: Slumdog Millionaire has won 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Score (AR Rahman), Song (AR Rahman & Gulzar). Congratulations!

Slumdog Millionaire @ Cathay – 21st February 2009
Last Saturday, we had an excellent movie event at Grand Cathay. The 20+ of us met at the Cathay Lounge at 9pm for Coffee, Tea and Snacks, sponsored by Cathay Group, with arrangements made by Ahmad Juan (our EMBA student who works for Cathay). Thanks Ahmad!
We then proceeded to the cinema hall at 9.30pm. As expected the movie was excellent and we were seated in the last 3 rows in a full cinema hall. After the movie, we said our goodbyes and departed. All agreed it was an excellent movie and made memorable by the gathering prior to the movie. Be on the lookout for announcements as we’ll have more such events.

Pulau Ubin Trip - 15th February 2009
The previous Sunday, we had our 2nd trip to Pulau Ubin. This time, we chartered a bus, and as expected left campus late – this time by only 15 minutes. We reached Changi Village at 9.35pm, and everyone split up to have breakfast, buy snacks and visit the Sri Ramar temple. And surprise, surprise! Everyone had gathered by 10.15am to take the boat to Pulau Ubin. We reached the island at 10:40am, proceeded to rent out bicycles and hit the road. It was an excellent ride around the island with most of the island having paved roads now. A new addition that was challenging was the Ketam Mountain Bike Park. We hiked up (by foot) to get a clear view of the beautiful Ubin Quarry Lagoon. Part of the group returned at 2pm, while the others explored the island by cycle and foot with the juniors returning at 3.30pm and the seniors much later.


Visit to Man Fatt Lam Home for the Aged - Leadership Club @ Singapore

This is a brief report on our first visit to Man Fatt Lam Home for the Aged. Man Fatt Lam Home for the Aged is a non-profit organisation that began operating since 1996 and takes in needy elderly above 60 years old regardless of race and religion. The Home also caters to middle and lower class families who are unable to care for their elders. Their aims are to provide shelter & a good living environment for needy elderly, Help to maintain them in a healthy lifestyle and organise activities for them.

A group of us visited the home on Wednesday, 11th February. We arrived a little late and all the elderly were already seated in the dining room. We started with a few songs in Hindi and English led by Srishtiraj and Kumar on the guitar. Most of the elderly responded to the songs by clapping hands and one even came to dance with our girls! After the songs, a dance was performed by Arunima, Chaitra, Maria, Namrata, Payal and Shreya to “Rasa Sayang”. Not to be left out, the sole representative of the December batch, Kamal, performed an excellent dance partnering with Namrata.

Then, we sat down and chatted with some of the elderly, A few spoke English and a few more spoke Malay. Many of them thanked us for visiting and for an excellent performance. Then, we snapped some group photos. As we were leaving, the lady who was most excited by our arrival waved goodbye and said in Malay,” Thank you coming. Your performance was very good. Please come again and Don’t forget us!” It didn’t hit me then, but later I realised how lonely they must be…

Thank you Anilavo, Arunima, Chaitra, Kamal, Kumar, Maria, Namrata, Payal, Priya, Shreya, Srishtiraj, Saumya, Upendra, Vinod, and Eda for making this visit a success. We look forward to organising more visits to the home.


Their website:

Monday, January 19, 2009

At arm's length

With our heads held high we all are eagerly waiting for the time when good news of placements start flowing in...with fingers crossed, keeping in mind the current turmoil, we all are hopeful to end it on a good note.

The last nine months have been full of fun, excitement and not to forget the hard-work that has gone behind making the best out of the limited time available. I am sure most of us would take these nice memories along and cherish them for life long.

With Dubai being the financial hub, the learning was tremendous. The IIPs involved going out during the Ramadan period to carry out the market research, capture as much primary data as possible and then actually sit back and try making sense out of it. Though we did our best to get a lot of surveys being filled, I am sure each of us have their own story to share...Be it being kept waiting for hours for an interview or being ignored completely thinking we are there to steal some jobs.

Coming to Singapore, we all were wondering, on our way from airport to the hostel, that is this greenery for real or has been intentionally brought in from some other place. It took me almost a week to come to terms with the fact that this place is really green, unlike Dubai.
But both places have their own charm, speak their own language and try and teach us a lot as to only vision combined with true will to do things can actually make things happen.

On this note, I would like to get back to my dissertation synopsis, with a promise to come back and write in more.

Peace and Cheers!!!

-Ankit Malhotra
Student GMAY08(IT Management)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Quizzopolis @SPJCM Singapore

13th December 2008 will be remembered as the day when the journey of QuizzopolisII came to an end. It was a fun filled evening with whole lot of enthusiasm in the air and everyone eagerly waiting in suspense for the winner to emerge. There was a lot of hard work and preparation that went behind the successful organization of this event. After Quizzopolis 1 which happened back in Dubai, ClubIT@SPJCM wanted to take this event to the next level and it was indeed achieved. Be it the Quiz software or the online score cards or the prizes given out to the audi-ence and the teams, there was lot more improvement and innovation this time. However, this would not have been possible without the active support and guidance of Mr. AVR Srinivas throughput the planning and the execution of the event.
In addition to being an evening of Business Quiz, QuizzopolisII was also a platform to bring the Alumni, EMBAites and the GMBAites (May’08 and Dec’08 batches) together. As only 6 teams could have made to the finals, pre-liminary rounds were conducted at different times to accommodate all the batches. With the six teams chosen for the final event, the evening of 13th December 2008 saw 3 teams from the May’08 and Dec’08 batch respec-tively. As the event began, the Quizmaster not only kept the teams on their toes but the audience was also in-volved in answering tricky questions. In the midst of intense quizzing, there were some light and fun moments also, with some really ‘creative’ answers. While the teams were battling it out for the trophy, there were goodies for the audience too in the form of souvenir cups and chocolates.
After an intense 90 minutes of quizzing, the event came to an end with the presentation of the Rolling Trophy and the gift vouchers to the winning teams. The guests of honor of the event, Dr. Seetha Raman and Prof Rama-subramanyam gave away the prizes to the teams.
The winning team of QuizzopolisII had two teams from the Dec’08 batch and one team from May’08 batch.
Winners of Quizzopolis 2008 (Rolling Trophy & $200) – Sidharth Vijay Singh & Hiten Jain *Dec’08 GMBA+
First Runners Up ($100 prize money) – Ramit Sharma & Lokesh Gupta *May’08 GMBA+
Second Runners Up ($50 prize money) – Rohit J. Pulickal & Bikram Pattnaik *Dec’08 GMBA+
The event was a huge success with participation from the audience and cut throat competition amongst the teams.
ClubIT@SPJCM thanks all the participants and the audience for making the event successful and looks ahead to QuizzopolisIII.

- Chinmay Bajpai
Student of Batch of May08 (IT)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Big Picture Series
The Highlight of SP Jain Singapore

This small initiative left a big picture in the minds of GMBA January Batch of 2008 in Singapore. I consider this my privilege to be involved in the organising of the Big Picture Series along with Abhishek. This series was one of the most successful endeavours by our batch with 10 Sessions conducted with respectable attendance.
Big Picture series is all about learning and sharing. It encouraged all the students to come up with a topic which they have expertise in or have learnt during their experience with different companies. Students then presented the topic for 15 min, which was followed by interactive discussion on the same topic and question answer session for next 40 min. It was truly a learning experience with students came up wide range of topics covering supply chain management, ISO Management, Retailing, Blue Ocean Strategy, Bottom of Pyramid, Six thinking hats, Web 3.0 etc.
It all started with a chain of mails triggered by AVR discussing the structure of Big Picture with two senior students who actually started the series. And it ended with a wonderful presentation by Abhishek on the Second life. It was heartening to see after the last session that 6-7 students came up to me n abhishek saying they want to continue this in Dubai and will be presenting on some topic in future. However in Dubai it has been logistically very difficult to conduct the Big Picture.
I would like to thank all the friends who supported Big Picture as well as a big thanks to AVR. I would always hope that this initiative is taken up by future batches of GMBA in SP Jain and let the LEGACY continue.

By Chirag Gala (SPJCM Batch of Jan08)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Sudoku Challenge at SPJCM

That the power of an emotion can be translated into a catalytic series of actions was well proven on Saturday, June 14th 2008 at the SUDOKU Challenge hosted by S P Jain Center of Management, Singapore. Sparked off in an entrepreneurial spirit by the SPJCM EMBA batch under the guidance of Professor KOH SENG CHOON, the scope of the project expanded to much nobler goals. When the EMBA students became aware of the aftermath of the Sichuan Earthquake tragedy in China and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the emotion of humanity, brotherhood and the will to do something came to life in the form of a fund raiser in the aid of the victims. A group of 20 enthusiastic volunteers worked for 8 weeks to organize the Sudoku Challenge, sponsored by Emerson, the aid collection from which was donated through the Red Cross.

SPJCM GMBA and EMBA students, as well as outsiders were invited to participate in the qualifying rounds, and stretch their logic. A warm vibe enveloped the SPJAIN campus as the event moved ahead into the late afternoon at a steady pace. The contestants who emerged as winners in the elimination round- students as well as regular participants, all competed together in the final round for the first prize of SGD $200 and a trophy. Cartoon broadcasts, painting exhibits for sale were other parallel activities available to the participants.

After a nail-biting final round, it was time for the declaration of the result of the challenge. Gracing the occasion was Mr. Arun Sharma, President & CEO of GE Healthcare South-East Asia. The award ceremony began with a truthfully touching audio-visual that captured glimpses of the disaster, with a soulful playback performed live by Ayush, followed by a two- minute observance of silence in respect to the victims. A classical Kathak piece lifted the spirits, only to later tug at everyone’s heart strings with a poignant Odissi performance by Dr. Aruna’s team that showcased the effects of the 1999 cyclone that hit Orissa, India. The dancers, gliding in unison, expressed the joy and sorrow the element of water can bring; the giver of life, the taker in death. The dance was apt for an event which was an appreciation of the triumph of human perseverance against nature’s fury.
The GMBA volunteers opened up their box of talents as Ayush, Ankur and Ashish sang melodious tunes accompanied by Ayush rendering music on his guitar. Bharatnatyam and Jazz performances by Sreedevi, Princy and Gautam concluded the show on a lighter note.

The winner was Ms. Joan Tan, who selflessly donated 50% of her prize money to Red Cross, truly exemplifying the spirit of our fund raiser. GMBA students Neha and Nikhil bagged the Runner’s Up positions.

The Sudoku Challenge can be best described in Mr. Arun Sharma’s words: “something I will remember for a long time to come.” It is events like The Sudoku Challenge that remind us that even though a drop may not make a difference to the ocean, but that the fact remains that it is millions of drops like these grow larger to take the imposing form -that of an ocean.

The satisfaction gained from an earnest act of social responsibility goes beyond the boundaries of nationality, the confines of countries and differences we may harbour, because each individual was bound together that day by a single emotion – compassion.

Monday, June 09, 2008

it's intermission!

Well, we just finished one half of the program at Singapore and got a break before starting with the grind at Dubai.

Looking back at the rapid fire six months, there are a lot of things that bring a smile on my face. The company of wonderful people, multiple group works going on simultaneously, one course after another and the swirling motion of life. It all went in a jiffy.

Do I miss it? yes, I am sure everyone of us does and will. Singapore is a gorgeous city with beautiful landscaping, greenery, infrastructure and all that an excellent place should offer. The nocturnal visits to 7-11, chatting in front of the reception lobby, sitting in the canteen and talking endlessly about endless issues, we will miss it all.

The faculties left no stones unturned to keep us occupied with each making sure that we have enough to read and process. Some of them were mellow and could be persuaded to ease the load but some would not budge, it all is a part of the game.

The Dean is an extremely respectable figure everyone looks up to. He would not be able to meet the students often but whenever he would, he left questions in our minds we could ponder over and over.

The night safari, the zoo, ministry of sound, the bird park, the bridge to Mount Faber and all encompassing greenery, Singapore is a dream city. I love Singapore and I will continue to love it.

All the best to the present batch and the subsequent batches. Make the best of Singapore experience, it's once in a while after all.

As I look forward to the next session at Dubai, all that transpired in Singapore has been permanently etched in my memory and I am sure, so it has in the minds of all my batch mates.